As you may have heard, after 9 years of horizontal, autonomous, anti-authoritarian mischief, we're making an effort to buy Disgraça! You can read more about it here.
Here's a rundown of the ways you can help us claim our space:


We're calling for international solidarity. If you've visited Disgraça in the past or would like to support the space, you can help us by organising a fundraiser in your geography.

We have a whole set of materials about Disgraça that you can use to spread the word / organise a benefit – you can find it here.

We're also happy to participate in an online talk / conversation!

of the fundraiser money raised


Solidarity Loans

We're looking for friends and comrades who have their money sitting in a less ethical place (*cough cough*) and who would be willing to give us an interest-free solidarity loan.

The money would be given back upon request within an agreed time period (eg: 6 months).

If that's the case or if you're curious how this works, send us a message!

of the loans we need